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Education is a core element of LEI's nonprofit mission to advance lean thinking and practice throughout the world.

We develop hypotheses about lean thinking, test them in the real world, then teach the methods that will best help managers and their organizations make the lean leap. We educate Lean Thinkers in several ways:

Workshops Our interactive, comprehensive, and practical workshops teach lean concepts and tools for application in manufacturing and nonmanufacturing environments. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lean practitioner, an operator or a senior leader, you will find a workshop that meets your needs among our 30+ programs.

On-Site Training Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of hands-on experience implementing what they teach. We'll work with you to tailor the content and format of our public programs to your organization's specific needs. To discuss your on-site training needs, please e-mail Deborah McGee, Learning Activities Manager, at dmcgee@lean.org, or call (617) 871-2944.

Lean Summits Every March, LEI's Lean Transformation Summit brings together senior managers and lean implementers for a unique engagement. In plenary sessions, executives describe the business cases for applying lean principles. In breakout sessions, speakers from the same company providing implementation details, results, and next steps. Plus, Summits offer the best networking in the Lean Community so you quickly build your own network of Lean Thinkers.

Conferences Raise consciousness, generate enthusiasm, and explore new frontiers in lean thinking. You'll learn from leading lean practitioners and colleagues who have faced the same challenges you face now. Conferences offer the best networking in the Lean Community so you quickly build your own network of Lean Thinkers. Like Summits, conference networking is unsurpassed.

Webinars LEI webinars are concise, convenient ways that bring you and your team members practical knowledge from leading lean experts. In 60 minutes, an LEI webinar gives you real-life insights into solving the technical and human challenges of implementing and sustaining a lean transformation.

Lean Road Map Need help deciding what workshop to attend or what book to read? Create an online Lean Road Map to identify resources with the lean knowledge you need and develop a customized learning plan. As you advance, the Road Map keeps track of your progress.