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Transformation Summit 2016
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Workshops: $800/$1600 USD
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The summit has reached capacity, however…

Each year lean thinkers from dozens of industries, at every stage of their journey, gather the Lean Transformation Summit to learn, share, and network. Last year's summit in New Orleans was the largest and highest rated summit in LEI's 20-year history.

Our goal is to improve our summit every year. We do this by listening to attendees, and the lean community at large. The two biggest requests from last year were more time for networking and more learning sessions. So this year we've designed a summit with just that, plus many of the surprises attendees get when attending an LEI learning experience.

The 2016 Lean Transformation Summit is taking place on March 17-18 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

Intentionally, we are not on 'The Strip', but close enough that you can easily get there or enjoy the beautiful views of the Red Rock Canyon.


What can you expect from the 2016 Lean Transformation Summit?

  1. Learning you can apply when you return to work Monday morning.
  2. Unbeatable networking opportunities
  3. Motivation to improve/charge your battery

We intentionally limit the size of our summits so they maintain an intimate feel and allow for unique network opportunities. Last year we sold out in record time and we expect this year will sell out even faster. So please register while we still have space.

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LeaperIt has been 25 years since the release of The Machine That Changed the World, a book that actually helped change the world. We are still seeing that change, in new industries, applications, and learning. Join LEI’s CEO and Chairman, John Shook as he shares his unique views of what lean truly is, how it’s spread, and explore how we can make it better.

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Plenary & Breakout Sessions

Learning Together

In Plenary sessions companies and special guests share unique insights into their lean transformations, as well as challenges, next steps, and lessons learned. After the presentations Breakout sessions take place where the people doing the work share more details on what was accomplished, how it is done, and give you something that you can apply on Monday morning when you return to work.


“Nationwide is On Your Side” is not a tagline. It is a promise to Nationwide’s customers, and that promise is kept through a lean journey that started in 2009. Six years ago, Nationwide embarked on building industry leading software engineering capabilities. This lean journey has enabled and engaged the 9000+ person IT organization to deliver great solutions to customers and partners with industry-leading quality.

Guru Vasudeva, SVP & CIO, Application and Data Services, and Tom Paider, AVP, Build Capability Leader, will discuss with the audience a lean system that guides all aspects of software engineering, including a lean management system from the frontline to the C-suite, a focus on problem solving, visual management, accountability, and what is possible when technology and lean collide.

Guru Vasudeva
Guru Vasudeva

Legal Sea Foods

logoLegal Sea Foods is dramatically changing the way restaurants work. For 60 years this family-owned group of restaurants (don’t call them a chain), has relentlessly focused on freshness and the guest experience. From menu to atmosphere, each restaurant is unique. That means diners have a distinctive experience at each restaurant – but each restaurant has unique problems.

Solving them starts with staff and managers at each location truly understanding their work and roles. It doesn’t end there, but extends across the entire value stream -- from fishing boat to your belly. In this plenary session, President and CEO Roger Berkowitz will share what Legal is learning during its continuing lean transformation. Later, at the breakout session, company change agents will share how-to details about how lean principles are being implemented in restaurants.

Roger Berkowitz
Roger Berkowitz

Phase 2 Medical Device Manufacturing

Imagine you are a small contract manufacturer. You have two major customers that have just merged to become the majority of your business. And now that newly formed single customer needs you to reduce your price by 50% - or you lose them!

This is the situation Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer for single-use medical devices, was in. In this Plenary presentation, you’ll hear from Phase 2 President Adam Prime on how they partnered with their customer to adopt lean techniques and were not only able to meet their customer’s needs, but expand their business too.

Joining Adam in the Breakout session will be Dave Errico and Mark Johnson of Medtronic, Phase 2’s customer, where they will explain more about how they were able to create change, and improve the work. You’ll also hear how they are taking what they’ve learned on the shop floor and spread it to the back office.


Adam Prime
Adam Prime


Sunpower logoSunPower believes in changing the way our world is powered, and that’s exactly what they are doing. They are a global solar technology leader and energy services provider with a history of delivering high-efficiency solar cells and panels with unmatched long–term reliability and guaranteed performance, all while eliminating the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Chief Operating Officer Marty Neese will describe the Circular Economy and share SunPower’s “CLean” (Circular + Lean) energy transformation model of moving from an economy of "take, make, waste" to one of responsible, circular design using lean principles and the SunPower Production System. Through the CLean model, SunPower drives waste elimination, material and natural resource closed loops and the broader use of renewable energy to enable “Triple Certified Factories” that are LEED certified, Zero Waste to Landfill certified, and manufacture Cradle to Cradle certified products.

Marty Neese
Marty Neese

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Learning Sessions

Open All Close All
Building the Fit Organization

This session, based on the new book, Building the Fit Organization, distills the lessons from the Toyota Production System into six core concepts, and coaches them in the easily understandable language of physical fitness and athletic excellence—no Japanese or English jargon, no hackneyed, off-putting references to Toyota. By the end of the session, your team will be ready to make your company faster, more competitive, and better able to win in your market.

Trying to be Toyota is a mistake. What leaders need to do instead is learn from Toyota — learn how to convert their moderately competent organizations into dynamic, constantly improving, profoundly customer-focused entities. A "fit" organization, led by a "fit" leader, has the ability to continuously improve in a manner that delivers superior performance and results over the long haul.

Topics you'll cover:

  • Commit to improvement;
  • Increase value, don't reduce costs;
  • Think horizontally, not vertically;
  • Define the right way to work;
  • Visual management and real time feedback ;
  • The coaching triangle.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn a new way to frame and explain lean.
  • Understand six key factors needed for organizational excellence.
Customer-First Focus: Blending Design Thinking and Lean Thinking
Fresh Baked Lean
Lean Knowledge Work Using Personal Kanban
Manufacturing Engagement in New Product Development at Herman Miller
Mining for Gold and Value at the Kinross Gold Mine
Propelling Ahead: Thrustmaster of Texas' Lean Journey
Role of Finance in Next 10 Years: Value Add Not Overhead
The Lean Enterprise - Management Development System (EMDS)
The Role of the Leader in Visual Management
Using Lean Values Daily - Drives A Lean Culture
What Problems to Solve and What Can Wait

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Networking Opportunities

The summit is designed to be the best networking venue in the Lean Community by providing formal and informal ways for you to connect with counterparts facing the same challenges as you:

  • March 16: Welcome Happy Hour (get to know fellow attendees prior to the start of the Summit)
  • March 17: Networking Reception (continue conversations and compare notes after the first day)
  • Networking Breaks (30 minutes to allow time for a phone call, cup of coffee, and conversation)
  • Lunch Roundtables (attendee-led discussions on topics you've told us are important to you)

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Volunteer Day

Saturday, March 19th

Last year LEI and over 50 summit attendees had the opportunity to volunteer their time and elbow grease to help a good cause in New Orleans. This year we are going to carry-on that tradition.

Join us in assisting the 140 veterans living at Veteran’s Village in the Las Vegas area. You will be lending a helping hand and beautifying the campus as well as boosting morale by creating inspirational and encouraging notes for the residents. Learn more »

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Pre-Summit Workshops

In-depth sessions help you build practical skills for addressing fundamental issues as well as new ones you will encounter during a lean transformation. For more information on Pre-Summit Workshops click here.

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$2,500.00 USD
The registration fee includes participation in the Summit, participant materials, and food for both days. If you need to be invoiced please call 617.871.2900.
Pre-Summit Workshops are available to Summit attendees Mar 15-16 for an additional fee. Breakfast and lunch are included.

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Ultra-Early Registration Discount
A very limited number of attendees who register by October 31, 2015, will receive $600.00 off. No code needed – the discount will automatically be applied to your registration.
Early Registration Discount
If you register by January 31, 2016, you will receive $300.00 off. No code needed – the discount will automatically be applied to your registration.
Team Discount
For groups from the same company, every 5th person's summit registration is free! (Pre-Summit Workshops are not included.) Please call 617-871-2900 to register your group and receive this discount.
*Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

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Confirmations, Cancelations, and Substitutions

Once registered for the Summit or for Pre-Summit Workshops, you will receive a confirmation email. To receive a full refund, notice of cancelation must be received by February 16, 2016. After this date, cancelations will be subject to a non-refundable $350.00 cancelation fee. Substitutions may be made at any time before March 17, 2016.
If you have any further questions please contact the Lean Enterprise Institute at 617-871-2900 or summits@lean.org.

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