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How To Fold a T-Shirt: TWI Job Instruction

by Lean Leaper
March 5, 2021

How To Fold a T-Shirt: TWI Job Instruction

by Lean Leaper
March 5, 2021 | Comments (3)

Check out this new and improved demonstration video explaining Training Within Industry’s (TWI) Job Instruction (JI) and standardized work. Initially published in 2013, we’ve enhanced it with visual effects, audio editing, and more. 

Repeatedly demonstrating while explaining the steps of a process is critical to acclimating workers to standardized work. The TWI JI method applies this idea being implemented in real-time. With the right coaching, the process can improve delivery times, more engaged and happy workers, and more. Managers and supervisers can apply the method to various kinds of work, from car manufacturing to T-shirt folding. 

The four steps of TWI are:

  1. Prepare the worker
  2. Present the job
  3. Try out the job
  4. Follow-up

But merely looking at TWI JI as four simple steps is easier said than done, as Josh Howell shows with his detailed and directive instructions. This re-visit to the 2013 video from the LEI archive is as relevant as ever and serves as a reminder that lean principles and ideas are always contemporary. 

Keywords:  coaching,  job instruction,  kaizen,  TWI
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Brian Armbrust March 05, 2021
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This is so timely! We just started training our Quality Team on Job Instruction two days ago so that they can help train our supervisors in the methods of TWI and guess how we taught them...How to fold a t-shirt! 

I can connect our teams to this as a fun way to refresh themselves on this when we can't be there to coach in person. 

Thanks for posting this!

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Prateek Vasisht March 07, 2021
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Really useful hierarchy Important Step, Key Points and reasons why. Great post. 

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EZ March 07, 2021

Great tool, this is linked to the standar work sheet, STW, once you have trainned a method the only thing to do is to verify the consistence, unfortunatelly this needs a people in charge, a technical team, and most of the time, the budget is limited, so I think we could have the idea in essence and put in on place, I have used during a change over, explain at least the key points and reasons.  

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