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10 Principles for Lean Leadership

by Isao Yoshino
April 6, 2021

10 Principles for Lean Leadership

by Isao Yoshino
April 6, 2021 | Comments (0)

Former Toyota leader Mr. Isao Yoshino has helped develop some essential practices at Toyota and beyond. A member of the four-man team working on the famous “Kan-Pro” initiative at Toyota, A3 coach and mentor to John Shook, and source of the wisdom in Katie Anderson’s popular book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Yoshino has inspired a generation of lean thinkers. When Katie launched her book, she shared a wealth of documents from Mr. Yoshino diving deeper into ways to lead and learn, including the following list of 10 leadership principles that Mr. Yoshino shared on April 18, 1991. Here they are translated from the Japanese:



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