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And the Best Articles from 2014 Are...

by Lean Leaper
December 22, 2014

And the Best Articles from 2014 Are...

by Lean Leaper
December 22, 2014 | Comments (0)

The votes are in and it's time for The Lean Post awards!

For fun and PDCA, earlier this month we asked you to tell us your favorite articles from 2014 in 4 categories: Most Accurate, Helpful, Inspiring, and Interesting. (This is just one of the ways we collect information about what you, our readers, find genuinely helpful and interesting on the Post). You chose from the top 3 articles in each category, from your ratings all year long across all of these categories. Thank you to everyone who voted, and read on for the results! You may also want to bookmark these articles for some good reading during (or after) the holiday break.

Most Accurate

Communicating With Respect
by Alice Lee

Effective communication is key when it comes to lean learning. Give people too much information, too soon and you lose them, Alice Lee says. Give them too little, too late and they'll get bored. In both cases, you run the risk of people not feeling respected by you. Read what Lee suggests doing instead.

Most Helpful

Test Your PDCA Thinking By Reading Your A3 Backwards
by Tracey Richardson
Pretty sure you've got a good A3, but want to test the logic of your thinking? Want some help coaching another person through their A3 thinking? Tracey Richardon shares her wisdom.

Most Inspiring

Standardized Work for Kaizen: Define, Achieve, Maintain, Improve
by Tracey Richardson
We can all agree that kaizen (continuous improvement to create more value with less waste) is important, but do you have standardized work for kaizen? What are the actual process steps for kaizen?

Most Interesting

The Thinking Behind Toyota's Hiring Process
by Tracey Richardson
Richardson reflects on Toyota's hiring process when she joined the company 28 years ago, why it was so unique then, and how she continues to learn from that experience today.

Congratulations to Alice Lee and Tracey Richardson! and thank you to everyone who contribtued to The Lean Post in 2014! Without our regular contributors, guest contributors, and lean practitioner/writers - we wouldn't have a Post, so we want to thank you again!

The views expressed in this post do not necessarily represent the views or policies of The Lean Enterprise Institute.
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