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Online Learning

 Introduction to Lean Thinking and Practice Course


This engaging, 30-hour, go-at-your-own-pace course is designed to give you an understanding of lean, what it might look like in your workplace, and how to start applying it.

Created for people new to lean and continuous improvement, for individuals looking to improve their lean understanding and skills, and for organizations wanting to level set the lean knowledge of their workforce to speed progress.

Cost is $500 per person with volume pricing available for groups.


uncover problemsNew! Introduction to Problem Solving

Problem solving is critical to every position in every industry.

In this course, you will learn to grasp the situation at the gemba (where the work is done) and use all your senses to understand what is truly happening.

All too often, people create countermeasures to perceived problems without digging deeper, asking the right questions, and thinking more.

Learning to grasp the actual situation is paramount to identifying root cause(s) of the problem and solving it.




Live Streamed webcasts

Seamlessly adapted from LEI's workshops, these webcasts are presented live by an instructor. Join them for an interactive 8 hours of learning (four sessions 2 weeks). Cost is $500 per person with volume pricing available for groups.

Key Concepts of Lean Webcast This comprehensive program will show you how to build a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative problem solving by aligning Purpose, Process, People, and regularly practicing the scientific method of PDCA.

Managing Kaizen Events Webcast This comprehensive program will give participants practical insight into the principles, tools, and techniques that drive effective kaizen events from the perspective of measurable and sustainable results and organizational development and engagement.

Creating a Sustainable Lean Culture-Connecting the “Product” and the “People” Value Webcast Process improvement tools are important, but their ultimate effectiveness depends on your ability to develop an underlying culture of problem solving to support continuous growth and improvement. This webcast explores the foundations of Toyota’s unique culture, and the role leaders play in supporting the transition from conventional to lean culture.

What's the difference between Online and Live Streamed webcast?


  Online Course Live Stream Webcast
Where your computer your computer
When your own pace Over 2 weeks on scheduled days and times
Who You You and a facilitator
Time invested 30+ hours 8 hours of classroom and 2 hours of homework
Time to complete 90 days 30 days after last class