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Capturing the Value of Lean (1 Day Class)

At the end of this workshop, participants will

  • Have a better understanding of the qualitative and quantitative value of lean
  • Learn several approaches to capture the value of their lean activities
  • Apply their specific situation to a profit model
  • Practice speaking in a common language that resonates with their customers
  • See where the benefits will and will not appear on the financial statements over time


Transitioning the culture of an organization into one that practices lean-thinking requires time, commitment and resources. Regardless of whether an organization is just starting out or has been practicing lean for years, at some point, many organizations want to know what their investment is giving them in return. Capturing and validating that data varies by need and the capability of the organization to understand and report the qualitative and quantitative benefits of lean.

This workshop will show the connectivity between the various types of lean tools, techniques and concepts and how the benefits of using lean can be captured in both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Participants will be asked to bring specific problems or challenges with them to this workshop and throughout the day, "real-life" examples, applicable to their situation, will be given to show how to capture the benefits of lean based upon their specific need.

Smaller, short-term and larger, long-term trends will be reviewed so participants will be able to grasp the current situation of who their customers are, what they want, what they need and/or what is value-added to them, in order to ensure they understand HOW to see the benefits that their customers will understand and appreciate.

A variety of approaches will be reviewed to demonstrate and practice how to capture the qualitative and quantitative data and how to describe these benefits to their customers in a meaningful way and in a common language.

These benefits will also be connected to the financial statements so over time, they will know what leading indicators to monitor in order to validate what's working and where to potentially prioritize other lean initiatives. At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with an action plan, specific to their needs, to aid them in capturing the qualitative and quantitative benefits of lean within their organization. 

Learning Objectives:


This workshop is appropriate for continuous improvement leaders in a wide range of industries, functional areas, and levels, such as

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Non-financial and financial professionals
  • Operations
  • Business process functional areas (e.g. HR, IT, Finance, etc.)

Suggested Reading for this Workshop:
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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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