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5S - Visual Workplace (1 Day Class)


After attending this workshop, you will:

  • Understand how the 5S system will help you correctly apply the lean techniques through making waste visible and supporting standardized work requirements
  • Learn the purpose behind each step and the criteria to evaluate how well each “S” has been implemented
  • Get a structured format to start using this technique right away in your organization in order to create a pathway for lean implementation
  • Be able to start the 5S practices and permeate that throughout the organization to make it part of your company culture


5S methodology has been introduced and perfected by Toyota in order to make waste visible and eliminate it. 5S, a system of visual cues that helps reduce waste and achieve more consistent operational results through maintaining an orderly workplace, has been widely used in all sorts of organizations, from manufacturing to health care, from military to financial institutions. 

5S stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. In building the House of Lean, 5S is a foundational step which plays a major role in solidifying and stabilizing the foundation making possible the implementation of other lean techniques and tools: Standardized work cannot be achieved without good 5S, Just in Time becomes deficient if 5S is done poorly, the whole lean culture cannot be absorbed without the 5S mentality.

This workshop has been designed to introduce you to the 5S methodology and help you learn basic implementation steps including evaluation and audit.


Course outline:

This workshop consists of two modules:

Module 1 covers the origins of 5S and its roots in Toyota. This presentation shows through various media formats, such as photos, videos, examples and interviews how 5S is applied in several of the Toyota facilities around the world.

Module 2 explains each of the “S”’s focusing on how to do it right and what the common mistakes are. In addition to frequently made mistakes, there is a visual session on the pitfalls of 5S, reasons why 5S does not stick, misconceptions of 5S and points to avoid when introducing it to the shop floor.

The workshop will cover also the implementation structure and resources needed, including the three types of documents of 5S, the evaluation and audit criteria, and the key objectives for each step.

This is an interactive session with simulations to allow participants to immediately bring this technique to their workplace.

Who should attend: Lean and change agents, operational leaders and professionals who want to make sure they are starting this foundational concept the right way.

Suggested Reading for this Workshop:
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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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