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Online Webcast: Creating a Sustainable Lean Culture: Connecting the “Product” and the “People” Value

Most companies embarking on a lean journey soon become frustrated with kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but have no sustainability. They are searching for something more: the culture of continuous improvement with its purpose, processes, and people aligned to cultivate problem solving at all levels every day.

This workshop is designed is designed to demonstrate how to coach leadership to connect and simultaneously develop the "Product" and the "People" Value Streams in your organization, which will drive the lean transformation resulting in increased profitability and long-term mutual prosperity. The program will help you learn how to bring to life the True North" or the guiding principles of your company, and how to use it to align all activities and projects with your organization's primary objectives. We will discuss the "Line of Sight" to the company goals or business plan (Hoshin), normally centered around the key performance indicators (i.e. Quality, Cost, Productivity, Safety, and HR Development), and explain the specific steps/actions needed to create a problem-solving process in daily activities in order to bridge the gaps outlined by the company Hoshin plan:

  • Communication
  • Buy-in
  • Employee engagement, and more.

Finally, we will discuss how to integrate this process into the development of the Lean Daily Management Development System.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn actions that lead to improving your profits and cash flow.
  • Understand why simply focusing on "cost cutting" in these challenging times is the wrong approach.
  • Learn why "delegating lean" to others doesn't work, and may actually hurt your bottom line.
  • Understand how having the wrong performance measures can negatively affect your organization
  • Learn how to use lean to link your business needs to your daily activities
  • Understand and implement processes and systems to sustain your improvement activity


Course Outline:

MODULE 1 - True North, Hoshin Kanri

  • Culture – Purpose of your organization
  • Philosophy and Values of Lean – The Toyota Way, what's your "True North"
  • Lean Leadership – (Lean Management System)
  • Hoshin Kanri, and Strategy Deployment
  • True North Metrics (Key Performance Indicators)


MODULE 2 - Foundations for a Lean System

  • Hiring and Orientation systems for Lean (Attracting Trainable People)
  • Training and Coaching Systems for Lean (Developing Able People)
  • Standardized Work & Job Instruction Training (JIT)
  • Value Stream Organization

MODULE 3 - Engaging the workers at all levels

  • Supervisor as Coach
  • Quality Circles and Suggestion System
  • Kaizen – Engaging Willing People
  • PDCA – Process Improvement based on the initial baseline
  • Systematic Problem Solving

MODULE 4 - Daily Management Development System

  • Design cascade of Key Performance Indicators to each level
  • Create Visual Management models for Hoshin Focus Items, Key
  • Project and Cross Functional Problems, and Daily Issue Resolution
  • Create Leader Standard Work to support
  • Linkage to Performance Management, Evaluation, and Company
  • Performance Award
  • Leadership Accountability and PDCA


Live Webcast Schedule:




Module 1


Module 2



Module 3



Module 4



All modules get recorded so if you don't have an opportunity to attend a live webcast, you can always review it afterwards. We send you a recording of each module within 24 hours from the time of the broadcast.

Please note that all recorded modules are available to you for 60 days from the date of the broadcast.

Suggested Reading for this Program:
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Workshop Suggestions:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshops or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within them.
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