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Lean Management System (1 Day Class)


  • You will understand how to go beyond the application of lean tools and create an organization that embodies the culture of continuously improving customer value and eliminating waste
  • You will learn how to distill the elements that have made you a successful leader and disseminate these skills throughout the entire workforce leveraging capability
  • You will recognize how to unlock the potential demonstrated in the islands of improvement in your company and tie them together into an entire value stream of people focused on improving flow each and every day
  • As a leader in your organization, you will learn what you have to do to personally engage in the lean transformation process, beyond delegation and project management, so that performance improvements don't plateau and true cultural transformation takes place


This one-day course is an overview of the elements that comprise the Lean Management System. Additionally we will examine of how they work together to create a system of continuous improvement through collaborative problem solving.

Lean organizations depend of developing the problem solving capabilities of the entire workforce allocating specific categories of problems to each layer of the organization. While there is still a need for deep expertise in specialty departments the emphasis is on the performance of the entire value stream and the customer which it serves. Leadership in this type of organization is less focused on being the problem solver and more focused on building the problem solving muscle of the workforce. While traditional organizations delegate problem solving within 10-20% of the workforce, lean organizations endeavor to have the entire organization actively engaged in problem solving.

GearsThe course is structured as repetitive cycles of Learn-See-Do. First we will teach a principle, then you will see how this principle is put into practice in three sectors; manufacturing, office & services, and healthcare. After that the class will participate in implementing the principle at Whishmaker, Inc. (a generic company created to illustrate the application of principles to a business) fulfilling the "do" cycle.

We will repeat these Learn-See-Do cycles until each element is covered and then examine how the pieces work together to support a problem-solving culture typical of a mature lean organization

Course Outline

  • Characteristics of Lean organizations, the target condition
  • Summary overview of the Lean Management System, the conditions under which it was developed, and overview of contemporary mature examples in various segments
  • Deep dive into each element of the Lean Management System
    • Lean strategic planning and deployment
    • Standard work
    • Visual management
    • People development
    • The work of leadership
    • Follow up/accountability processes
  • An examination of how the elements work together to build the culture of continuous improvement.


Who Should Attend

Leaders at any level of the organization from front line Team Leader to CEO.
Intact teams encompassing a cross-section of leadership in your company are especially effective.

Locations and Dates for Lean Management System

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Price: $800.00 ($700.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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