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Innovation Through Customer Collaboration


Henry Ford is purported to have said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses.”

Whether or not, Ford ever made the statement, it captures an important question companies must answer today in the face of accelerating innovation, says Steve Bell: “Is it enough to ask the customer or do we have to do more?”

Bell, a Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member, author of Run Grow Transform, and co-author of the Shingo Prize-winning Lean IT, helps you understand four critical challenges in this 90-minute learning session:

1. Examine your own Voice of the Customer activity and identify opportunities for improvement

2. Understand why what the customer says is usually not enough

3. Learn about some of the new Voice of Customer techniques that are now enabled through technology

4. Answer the question “What can I do on Monday morning?” to know customers better



See Steve Bell at the 2014 Lean Transformation Summit, click here to learn more.

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