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2 Fundamental Forms of Lean Coaching You Must Know

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A free webinar and Q&A with David Verble, author and Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member

May 22, 2014, 2:00 PM Eastern
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Coaching is an essential practice for lean leaders. But not all coaching is the same. Did you know that there are two basic kinds of coaching that you have to recognize and know when to use?

The first is Coaching for Correction. This happens when you give someone feedback and direction about how to improve performance. Coaching for Correction seems to come naturally to us.

The second - and harder - kind is Coaching for Development. This happens in a lean culture when you are developing a coachee's problem-solving capabilities. This kind of coaching doesn't come naturally. In fact, we have to overcome some behaviors ingrained in us by traditional management to Coach for Development. But you can master this key type of coaching, if you learn a few key techniques.

Find out what they are and grasp the fundamentals of how to use them during this practical, 60-minute, free webinar with David Verble, the former manager of Human Resource Development for North American Manufacturing at Toyota's HQ in Erlanger, KY.

David will cover:

  • When to use the 2 basic types of coaching
  • What capability development really means in a lean company
  • 2 big reasons why Coaching for Development is more difficult and how to guard against them
  • "Yes or no" versus "open" questions
  • How to use the essential practice of Humble Inquiry to develop others and how it supports people moving through the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) process
  • How to get coachees to "look" at what they are thinking so they are aware of what they know and what they think they know
2 Fundamental Forms of Lean Coaching You Must Know
with David Verble
2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone Conversion
estimated duration: one hour

About the Presenter:

David Verble

David VerbleDavid Verble applied his organizational skills at Toyota's Georgetown, KY, plant where he worked in management and organizational development during the facility's startup phase and beyond.

During his 10 years at Toyota, David became the manager of Human Resource Development at Georgetown and then manager of Human Resource Development for North American Manufacturing at Toyota's manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, KY. Before his tenure at Toyota, David was responsible for organizational development as assistant to the Dean of the College of Education, University of Kentucky.

He is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) faculty, a co-author of the LEI book Perfecting Patient Journeys.

Keep learning after the webinar. Join David Verble and other lean coaching experts at the 2014 Lean Coaching Summit, July 29-30, Long Beach, CA, to learn and practice effective coaching techniques.
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