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Join us Thursday, Oct. 14, at 2 p.m. (Eastern) for a free webinar on a proven method for applying lean principles to supply chains and logistics that turns them into smoothly flowing "fulfillment streams" while reducing the total cost of fulfillment.

Why does fulfillment-stream management need guiding principles?

Because fulfillment streams are lengthy and dynamic, it's impossible for managers to evaluate every action taken with detailed analysis. But over several decades, eight guiding principles have proven to be essential for creating lean fulfillment streams.

For example, the experiences of many companies pursuing lean transformations confirmed that reducing lead time eliminates waste, improves quality, and reduces costs. So reducing lead time became a guiding principle; it's the right thing to do.

So, lean managers don't spend time doing detailed analysis every time they try to reduce lead time to prove that this is the correct thing to do. Instead they live by the guiding principles. The guiding principles for lean fulfillment are:

1. Eliminate waste in the fulfillment stream so that only value remains. (The types of waste are defects or correction, overproduction, waiting, not engaging employees, transportation, inventory, motion, and excessive processing.)

2. Make customer consumption visible to all members of the fulfillment stream.

3. Reduce inbound and outbound logistics lead time.

4. Create level flow.

5. Use pull systems.

6. Increase velocity and reduce variation.

7. Collaborate and use process discipline.

8. Focus on total cost of fulfillment.

Robert and Kevin will cover the guiding principles and explain how each plays a critical role in creating a lean fulfillment stream that reduces the total cost of fulfillment so you meet customer expectations at the lowest possible total cost, no matter where costs occur in the supply stream.

Who Will Benefit from this Webinar:

  • Managers and executives who are ready to go outside the four walls of their plant and connect the plant to the supply base using lean principles.
  • Logistics managers, supply chain managers, material managers, lean implementation leaders, all senior management.
  • Lean Manufacturers and suppliers to lean manufacturers.


Lean Logistics
with Robert Martichenko and Kevin von Grabe
2:00 PM EDT

estimated duration one hour



Get the Book:

Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream

About the Presenters:

Robert Martichenko
Robert began his lean journey working at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana and has over 15 years of lean supply chain and third-party logistics experience. He sits on the editorial advisory board of Logistics Quarterly magazine and is a trained six sigma black belt. A past president of the Cincinnati Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) roundtable, he now serves as a regional advisor to a group of CSCMP roundtables. He recently co-authored the business management book Lean Six Sigma Logistics. Robert also wrote the leadership handbook Success in 60 Seconds and the lean primer Everything I Know About Lean I Learned In First Grade. Robert also teaches global business at Saint Louis University's John Cook School of Business.

Kevin von Grabe
Kevin has focused his career on materials management, transportation, consulting and third party logistics. This experience includes multiple operational launches, including the "green field" start up at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana. Kevin's experience has provided him with several international experiences. These include operational start ups for Jabil Circuit at green field and brown field manufacturing plants in both Hungary and China. Kevin complements his years of logistics experience with a Bachelor's Degree in Logistics Management from Central Michigan University. Born in Detroit Michigan, Kevin currently resides in Kentucky with his wife Jeanette and son Kirk.