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WEBINAR: How to Lead With Respect
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A free webinar and Q&A with lean practitioner and author Michael Ballé, PhD, on what you must actually do to create and sustain a problem-solving culture

September 9, 2014, 2:00 PM (Eastern)  |  Time Zone Conversion

For nearly 40 years, the distinguishing lean management feature of "respect for people" didn't get much respect, overshadowed by tools and techniques such as just-in-time production, kanban, and kaizen.

But now, the critical business role of respecting people is getting renewed attention.

Companies trying to improve business performance realize that JIT and other revolutionary lean tools and techniques — all designed to surface problems — can't be sustained if company cultures don't help everyone become skilled problem solvers who actively improve the work they do every day.

The problem for managers and executives in manufacturing, startups, healthcare, services, and other industries is what do you actually do every day to create a culture of continuous improvement based on problem solving?

Join Michael Ballé Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at 2PM (Eastern) to find out during a 60-minute, free webinar and Q&A.

"I'll use a company case study to concentrate on a "people first" look at lean and describe as precisely as possible the principles, behaviors, and activities of the people aspects of the lean tradition," said Ballé, co-author of the just-published Lead With Respect.

Michael will cover:

  • Seven specific steps that will help you turn lean leadership behaviors into daily habits.
  • The T-Development model of leadership.
  • You're on your factory, office, or healthcare gemba. Now what do you do?
  • How to apply respect with the lean tools you are using now so that you develop a truly sustainable lean culture.
  • How to manage with respect so you share your passion for improvement through the inevitable conflict, tension, emotion, and self-doubt that leaders face during a lean transformation.
How to Lead With Respect
with Michael Ballé
2:00 PM Eastern
September 9, 2014
Time Zone Conversion
estimated duration: one hour

About the Presenter:

Michael Ballé

Michael Ballé

Michael Ballé, PhD, is a business writer and executive coach, who has studied and guided lean transformations for 20 years. He is Associate Researcher at Télécom ParisTech's Projet Lean Enterprise and the co-founder of the French Lean Institute. With his father Freddy, he coaches CEOs and senior executives in using lean to radically improve their businesses' performance and establish lean culture. He writes the Gemba Coach column on lean.org.

Lead With Respect

What Is New and Different About Lead With Respect

The lean behavioral model presented in this webinar is described in detail in the just-published business novel by Michael and Freddy Ballé, Lead With Respect.

Other lean management books, including the authors' two earlier business novels The Gold Mine and The Lean Manager, explain how to do lean to other people. What's new and different about Lead With Respect is that it addresses head on this key question for managers: How do I change myself and then change others? It goes beyond being a lean manual because it also touches on the deeper question of what does it mean to manage people in 2014.

See what we mean. Read the rave reviews and pick up your own copy. Your choice of paperback or eBook.