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WLEI will primarily focus on lean thinking and practice. You will hear from lean thought leaders and people practing lean in interesting ways and environments. Plus will also interview people from different communities of thought, whom we feel have an important and interesting message to share. 

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(permalink) 23. Lean Accounting Panel Discussion with Art Byrne, Jean Cunningham, Jim Huntzinger, Nick Katko, and Mike DeLuca November 18, 2019
Featuring: Art Byrne, Jean Cunningham, Jim Huntzinger, Nick Katko, and Mike DeLuca

Many lean thinkers find the traditional accounting reporting completely out of alignment with the new lean management system. Part of PDCA is checking outcomes to help identify next steps, but if the financial language of business is not reliable to provide good information for evaluation and decision making, sustainment of good experiments is at risk. Is there a better way? Yes, according to the five panelists on this week’s podcast.

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(permalink) 22. What’s the Problem: An interview with medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), Dr. Fred, on reducing the cancer burden November 11, 2019
Featuring: Matt Savas, Carlos

Dr. Carlos Frederico Pinto (aka ‘Dr. Fred’) is a medical oncologist and CEO of Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), one of Brazil’s top oncology clinics. There are few problems more important than the one Dr. Fred and IOV are trying to solve: reducing the cancer burden.

In the podcast, Dr. Fred explains how he’s led IOV through lean transformation in service to solving this problem. He details three distinct stages of transformation: 1) improving patient care flow and quality; 2) building a management system to enable growth; 3) developing leaders in preparation for succession.

Dr. Fred also shares how oncology built in him a resilience to failure, and in turn, how that resilience has served him in leading transformation.

Read more about Dr. Fred and IOV, head over to Planet Lean for case studies and interviews.

Dr. Fred will speak at the Lean Summit in Carlsbad, California next April 6-7. To learn more and register, click here.

(permalink) 21. On the Job: Discovering Strategy by Doing the WORK, a conversation with Dave Brunt, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK November 4, 2019
Featuring: Josh Howell and David Brunt

In a conversation across the Atlantic LEI’s president, Josh Howell, talks to the Lean Enterprise Academy’s CEO, Dave Brunt, about the strategic value of executives doing the value-creating work of their organization. Dave shares what happened when a team member left LEA and he became responsible for picking, packing, and shipping to customers books about lean thinking.

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(permalink) 20. Coachable: Two Conversations Built on Trust, Inspiration, Experimentation and Transformation. October 28, 2019
Featuring: Deborah McGee, Jason Berkman, and Paul Serafino

Meet two influential voices in my own coaching practice: Paul Serafino who first engaged me in a coaching way in the business environment, opening my eyes and heart to growth and development. And Jason Berkman, a leader who I was fortunate enough to coach and learn with in LEI’s co-learning program.  In two candid conversations, we explore the differences between coaching, managing, leading and training, the importance of trust and motivations, and how a coaching relationship emerges.

We further explore the value of failure, the role of emotions, pushing through our thresholds and making the decision to transform, because “the challenge you’ve been asking for your whole life is finally here.” Please join our conversation by emailing your thoughts and questions to pod@lean.org

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(permalink) 19. Building A Fearless Organization: An interview with Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson October 21, 2019

How can one create a safe workplace where all employees are encouraged and expected to take ownership of their work? How can one build simple mechanisms to enable individuals to ask healthy questions and challenge each other? Harvard Business School Professor Amy C. Edmondson discusses these questions and more with LEI's Tom Ehrenfeld in a conversation triggered by her recent book The Fearless Organization

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