Lean Summit 2019
Next Gen Learning and the Challenge of Sustainability
March 27-28, 2019  |  Houston, TX
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2019 Lean Summit

The Lean Summit, formerly known as the Lean Transformation Summit, has become the event for lean thinkers and innovators to get together, learn, and share. Countless partnerships have formed, professional relationships started, and lean initiatives have been energized.

Meet some past attendees and hear what lean means to them.

Our focus is to deliver the absolute best, most diverse, learning experience possible. We curate and vet each speaker to ensure that they deliver unique actionable insights with high energy. We also provide the best networking opportunities even for those who are not as comfortable in traditional networking environments. Plus, we always have creative, one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning experiences that only LEI can provide.

Summit Farmer Ben Hartman Learning Session

Below are just a few of the great speakers, presentations, and activities planned for 2019! We will be announcing more over the next few months. 

The Lean Summit sells out year after year. Please register as soon as possible to ensure your seat!

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Plenary & Breakout Sessions

An Audacious Goal: The Start of the Journey to Transformation

The birthplace of innovation is in an audacious goal. JFK challenged us to send a man to the moon. At Google, my team set out to build a billion dollar mobile business from nothing. At USAID, we aimed to end extreme poverty around the world. If we can even come close to achieving our objectives with business as usual, why take big risks?

With a clear north star, we know how far we must stretch as we envision solutions and design experiments. Making something 10x better will require an entirely different approach than making it 10% better. Your goal serves as a benchmark against which success metrics can be set, MVPs can be measured, and teams can be galvanized. This session will reveal the critical elements of a compelling goal and how it can lead organizations down unexpected and profoundly transformative paths.

Ann Mei Chang brings a rare perspective from extensive experience across the private, public, and social sectors, including as a Senior Engineering Director at Google and the Chief Innovation Officer at both USAID and Mercy Corps. She is the author of Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good (Wiley, 2018).

Ann Mei Chang
Ann Mei Chang

Psychological Safety

“Drive out fear.”  W. Edwards Deming’s famous 8th point recognizes the essential role of human ingenuity in achieving quality. In today’s organizations, more than ever before, people must collaborate to solve problems and accomplish work that’s perpetually changing. While it’s not news that knowledge and innovation are vital sources of competitive advantage in nearly every industry, how often do managers truly recognize the implications of this new reality – particularly when it comes to what it means for the kind of work environment that would help employees thrive and organizations succeed? 

This session focuses on the interpersonal climate needed to help knowledge-intensive organizations work better.  For knowledge work to flourish, hiring smart, motivated people is not enough. They must feel able to share their concerns, questions, mistakes, and half-formed ideas.   

In Amy Edmondson's research over the past 20 years, she's shown that a factor she calls psychological safety helps explain performance in workplaces that include hospitals, factories, schools, and government agencies. Psychological safety matters for groups as disparate as those in the C-suite of a financial institution and on the front lines of the intensive care unit. In a psychologically safe workplace, people feel willing and able to take the inherent interpersonal risks of candor. They fear holding back their full participation more than they fear sharing a potentially sensitive, threatening, or wrong idea. The fearless organization is one in which interpersonal fear is minimized so that team and organizational performance can be maximized in a knowledge intensive world. It is not one devoid of anxiety about the future.

Amy C. Edmondson
Amy C. Edmondson

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Learning Sessions

Open All Close All
Continuous Delivery

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) increasingly reflect the conditions of our time. The key differentiator of those enterprises that thrive in these conditions is the ability to rapidly learn with, and from, customers, in a highly collaborative environment in which all disciplines come together to create amazing customer experiences and value. How do you achieve this state of learning and collaboration?

In this session, one of the world’s leading thinkers in continuous development and integration of software-enabled customer experience and value, Jez Humble, along with Steve Bell and Karen Whitley Bell, Advisors for LEI in Digital Transformation, come together to share their learning about what creates enterprise high-performance, drawing on the new book, Accelerate

The focus of this session will be to help lean thinkers better understand how to lead and coach people to integrate, improve, and leverage technology capabilities in a holistic, cross-discipline approach across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, service, and others.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • Practices that correlate to high performance, identified through a multi-year research endeavor
  • Results from recent surveys conducted by LEI on Digital Lean Enterprise issues, and reflections on these results
  • The building blocks of enterprise digitization, creating greater customer experience and value
  • The common principles and practices of Lean, Agile, Continuous Delivery, Scrum, and DevOps, enabling Lean leaders and coaches to better engage with these communities of practice
  • Guidance on how to integrate technology development and delivery holistically within the enterprise

Ultimately, thriving in conditions of VUCA requires inspiring and enabling people across ALL disciplines to share their talents, capabilities, and insights toward the shared True North purpose of great customer experience and value.

Develop and Cascade Hoshin Kanri (Directional Management) Thinking/Goals vertically & horizontally
Developing Leader’s Lean IQ – GE Appliances' lessons learned on how to engage and develop leaders
LEAD Lean: Improving Engagement
Make Work More Human
The Four Types of Problems
The Good Jobs Strategy: How to drive excellence for customers, employees and investors

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Networking Opportunities

Summit Networking

The summit is designed to be the best networking venue in the Lean Community by providing formal and informal ways for you to connect with counterparts facing the same challenges as you:

  • March 26: Welcome Happy Hour (get to know fellow attendees prior to the start of the Summit)
  • March 27: Networking Reception (continue conversations and compare notes after the first day)
  • Networking Breaks (30 minutes to allow time for a phone call, cup of coffee, and conversation)
  • Lunch Roundtables (attendee-led discussions on topics you've told us are important to you)

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