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Four Types of Problems

In Four Types of Problems, continuous improvement expert and author Art Smalley shows you how to break the “hammer-and-nail” trap.

He demonstrates that most business problems fall into four main categories, each requiring different thought processes, improvement methods, and management cadences.

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  5. Learning to See by Mike Rother and John Shook
  6. Getting the Right Things Done by Pascal Dennis
  7. Lean Lexicon 5th Edition by Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
  8. Creating Continuous Flow / Making Materials Flow Set by Rick Harris, Mike Rother, et al.
  9. Learning to See / Creating Continuous Flow Set by Mike Rother, John Shook, and Rick Harris
  10. Creating Continuous Flow by Mike Rother and Rick Harris
Art Smalley

Art has immersed himself into the intricacies of problem solving since 1988, when he joined Toyota at its Kamigo Engine Plant in Toyota City, Japan.

Taiichi Ohno was plant manager at Kamigo and conducted many of his famous experiments there that led to the development of the Toyota Production System. Art learned directly about problem solving from Tomoo Harada, who led the maintenance activities that created the stability that enabled Ohno’s innovations in flow to succeed. 
The Gold Mine Trilogy Set

The Gold Mine Trilogy Study Guide is designed to work through the books one chapter at a time. The material is structured to support a regular cadence of team discussions.

Save $40 when you buy this as a set! ($115 total when books are purchased separately)

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