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An IT organization is expected to "align with the business." That is, IT is supposed to enable business performance and innovation, improve service levels, manage change, take advantage of emerging technologies, and maintain quality and stability, all while steadily reducing operating costs. Yet when an enterprise begins a lean transformation, too often the IT department is either left out or viewed as an obstacle.
What is to be done?
Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation shares practical tips, examples, and case studies to help you establish a culture of continuous improvement to deliver IT operational excellence and business value to your organization.
Complete with Chapter Objectives and Endnotes to help you along the way, this new title:
  • Provides the first comprehensive and definitive resource on Lean IT
  • Offers tools, methods, and metrics supported by practical examples and case studies
  • Addresses the intersection of Lean, Six Sigma, and Information Systems
  • Illustrates how to apply the principles of Lean to IT operations to achieve improved quality and performance
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Publisher:  Productivity Press
ISBN-13:  9781439817568
SKU:  7568
Publication Date:  September 16, 2010
Number of Pages:  370
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Advance Praise for the Book

... will have a permanent place in my bookshelf. In my ten-year study of high performing IT organizations, I’ve found that businesses rely on IT far more than they think. The impacts of poor flow from application development into IT operations can be devastating: ever-increasing cycle times and amounts of rework, and an ever-increasing amount of heroics required in IT operations to preserve the illusion of stability and reliability.
—Gene Kim, Chief Technology Officer, Tripwire, Inc.

There has never been a more critical time to improve how IT integrates with the global business enterprise. This book provides an unprecedented look at the role that Lean IT will play in making this revolutionary shift and the critical steps for sustained success.
—Steve Castellanos, Lean Enterprise Director, Nike, Inc.

Twenty years from now the firms which dominate their industries will have fully embraced Lean strategies throughout their IT organizations. Ten years from now those organizations will have started pulling ahead of their competitors as the result of Lean IT. Today this book will show those organizations the path they need to start out on. Will your organization be one of them?
—Scott W. Ambler, Chief Methodologist for Agile and Lean, IBM Rational

This book goes both wide and deep in its exploration of Lean IT… a great survival manual for those needing nimble and adaptive systems.
—Dr. David Labby, MD, PhD, Medical Director and Director of Clinical Support and Innovation, CareOregon

... makes a major contribution in an often-ignored but much-needed area. It ranges over a huge area – including excellent case studies – that will bring IT professionals into the Lean fold while enabling Lean managers to reach out to the IT organization.
—John Bicheno, Program Director MS in Lean Operations, Cardiff University

... a comprehensive view into the world of Lean IT, a must read!
—Dave Wilson, Quality Management, Oregon Health & Science University