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Value-Stream Mapping Workshop Participant Guide
Value-Stream Mapping Workshop Participant Guide
by Mike Rother and John Shook
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We've developed the contents of this participant guide to enhance learning. The structure of the modules in the guide matches the learning structure used in the Training to See Kit. The page design includes space for note taking, working on an operator balance chart, and drawing both current and future state value-stream maps along with the instructor.

Modules begin with a page showing the learning framework of where students are in the course content, what they’ve covered, and what comes next. Each section ends with a short quiz to check and reinforce understanding.

20 Participant Guides are included in each Training to See Kit, giving you everything you need to run value-stream mapping workshops. The guides are also sold individually for additional training sessions.

Publisher:  Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
ISBN-13:  9780966784381
SKU:  4381
Number of Pages:  74
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