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Tune in February 17th for a special WLEI Podcast!

We recently sat down with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and COO James Morgan to talk about their efforts in designing the future of electric car manufacturing using lean product & process development principles.

(permalink) 35. Designing the Future: A WLEI Podcast with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and COO Jim Morgan February 17, 2020
Featuring: RJ Scaringe, Jim Morgan, Matt Savas, Josh Howell

If you do not yet know the company Rivian you will undoubtedly know it very soon.
In 2019 Rivian made waves in the auto industry by announcing two “electric
adventure vehicles”, the R1T – an electric pickup truck - and the R1S - an electric
SUV. Both vehicles are expected to launch in the United States later this
year and globally in 2021. Rivian is also developing a fleet of electric delivery
vans to fulfill a 100,000-unit order placed by Amazon. In the last twelve
months the electric vehicle company has raised 3 billion dollars.

Listen in to hear how R.J. and Jim are bringing this vision to life.

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(permalink) 34. What’s the Problem: Andrew Lingel Discusses Transforming a Family Business through Knowledge, Grit, and Outrage February 10, 2020
Featuring: Matt Savas, Andrew Lingel

Andrew Lingel, President of United Plastic Fabricating, discusses leading lean transformation of a family business through knowledge, grit, and outrage.

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(permalink) 33. On the Job with Ron Kelner, President and COO of the Deublin Company February 3, 2020
Featuring: Josh Howell and Ron Kelner

Ron describes the Deublin Company's business system built with lean thinking that puts human development at the center.

(permalink) 32. Coachable: A Model Story, Coaching Work Improvement January 27, 2020

As this series continues to explore the implications and dynamic of “coaching” in a business environment, Bryant Sanders models the mindset and techniques for coaching work improvement to develop people. Bryant draws on 26 years Toyota experience to facilitate his coaching techniques with a team in the field leading to a dramatic improvement in the work. He walks us through the story from deciding where to focus, to earning the team’s trust, facilitating reflection solidifying the what and the why and then leveraging one another’s strengths to upskill the team and eliminate difficulty and waste in the work. An excellent study in masterful coaching on the floor where the work happens.

We invite your thoughts and experiences about coaching and being coached: email your stories! pod@lean.org

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(permalink) 31. CEO Transition – an obstacle or an opportunity? January 20, 2020

Too often, a change in executive leadership can bring a lean transformation to a grinding halt.  But that has not been the case at Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC).

Within two years of the start of their lean journey, LCHC CEO Lori Abrams Berry announced her intention to retire.  The immediate reaction from the LCHC community was concern that her departure would impact the progress made on advancing lean thinking and practice with improved outcomes and engagement of its team members. Instead, the impending CEO transition was embraced as a challenge, a gap to tackle.  Learn how LCHC approached this executive leadership transition to ensure the continuity of their lean transformation.

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