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Why You Should Make Something Better, But Don't Shoot For Perfection: A Clip From WLEI
By: Lean Leaper | June 18, 2021
Taking small, actionable steps will get you to your ideal state with great efficiency, according to Roger Martin in this WLEI podcast video excerpt. More »
Getting Started with Lean Accounting
By: Mike De Luca and Nick Katko | June 16, 2021
Before your organization gets started with lean accounting, the accounting function must first expand its thinking beyond transactions and into practices. Here's how. More »
Learning From The Sensei Way at Work
By: John Shook | June 14, 2021
Seek perfection by cultivating a daily discipline of mindfulness, whether in lean practice or Buddhist training, writes John Shook in his foreword to a new book by Dan Prock. More »
Art of Lean on Problem-Solving, Part 5: Tuckman's Model of Team Formation
By: Lean Leaper and Art Smalley | June 11, 2021
Coaching teams is the topic of this fifth part of an ongoing series on coaching problem-solving by Art Smalley. He compares the Tuckman Model with similar concepts from a book published by Toyota. More »
Coach's Corner: How to Design a Knowledge-Sharing System
By: Katrina Appell | June 9, 2021
Does your organization have a knowledge-sharing system that nobody uses? Here's how to fix that, according to LEI Senior Lean Coach Katrina Appell. More »
Purpose, Process, People
By: James P. Womack | June 7, 2021
When evaluating your lean efforts, Jim Womack suggests that you examine your purpose first of all, and then your process and then your people. More »
Are You Making Good Products…by Making Good People?
By: Lean Leaper | June 4, 2021
The best way to hone your employees' technical skills and problem-solving chops is to challenge them to make the right products in the right way for the right customers, asserts Michael Ballé in this snippet from an LEI Book Club Webinar. More »
Serving Up Lean with a Southern-Fried Kick
By: Karen Gaudet and Jonathan Katz | June 3, 2021
How Haven Hot Chicken drove out waste and launched a successful restaurant during a pandemic. More »
Contributor's Corner: Learning with 10X Speed at US Synthetic
By: Ken Bertagnolli | June 2, 2021
Making learning and knowledge reuse part of the work accelerates product and process development -- and helps keep you ahead of the competition, asserts Ken Bertagnolli, the VP of R&D at US Synthetic. More »
Are You Creating the Right Environment?
By: Josh Howell | June 1, 2021
Turner Construction is working hard to develop the "right environment" in which productive lean inquiry is baked into the working space of each situation their team is facing, writes Josh Howell. More »
Coach's Corner: Why Your Development Plans and Obeya Practices Aren’t Working – and How to Fix them
By: John Drogosz | June 1, 2021
What's missing in your development plans and obeya practices, according to Senior LPPD Coach John Drogosz. More »
Contributor's Corner: How Synchronizing Workflows Helped TechnipFMC Develop its Latest Robot
By: Scott Fulenwider, Hanna Schell | June 1, 2021
Following the lean product and process development principles yields significant benefits. Just ask Scott Fulenwider and Hanna Schell as they report the results of their efforts applying them in a recent product development program at Schilling Robotics, a TechnipFMC company. More »
Creating Better Jobs and Better Work: A WLEI Podcast with Josh Howell and Sarah Kalloch
June 1, 2021
As we slowly emerge from the long pandemic, LEI and colleagues like the Good Jobs Institute are deeply committed to helping produce decent jobs. In this conversation LEI LEI President Josh Howell spoke with Executive Director Sarah Kalloch of the Good Jobs Institute about ways they are both working to help foster good work. WLEI Host Tom Ehrenfeld moderated this conversation. More »
How Synchronizing Workflows Eliminates Waste in Development Processes
By: Jim Morgan | June 1, 2021
GE Appliances and Caterpillar leaders share the practices that help them synchronize workflows, which helped their companies reduce waste and significantly improve development performance. More »
A Time for Remembrance and Thanks
By: Lean Leaper | May 31, 2021
Today, LEI is honoring the United States' observance of Memorial Day. More »
How Building in Learning and Knowledge Reuse Improves Product Development Success
By: Jim Morgan | May 28, 2021
Three leading practitioners share successful examples of how they built learning and knowledge reuse into their development process. More »
How to Save Time and Money in Innovation by Reusing Knowledge
By: Jim Morgan | May 27, 2021
Massive books of knowledge or huge lists weren’t very effective ways of getting the engineers he managed to reuse knowledge, notes Jim Morgan, PhD, a product development executive and author. In a Q&A with engineers, he offers tips on a better way: build current knowledge right into the work engineers do. More »
Why You Need to See the Entire System
By: Dan Jones | May 26, 2021
This essay from the LEI workbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream will help any value-stream team share costs and gains, and create win-win-win outcomes for every value stream participant. More »
Combat the Ninth Waste of Overthinking
By: Dan Prock | May 25, 2021
Overthinking should be considered yet another form of waste that true lean practice can identify and eliminate, argues Dan Prock, who shares tangible ways you can think about the right things. More »
WLEI: Exploring When More is Not Better With Author Roger Martin
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | May 24, 2021
Roger Martin’s terrific new book When More is Not Better proposes concrete suggestions for broadening the economic gains from democratic capitalism. He critiques the concentration of wealth and power that decades of what he calls America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency have generated, proposing tangible actions that business leaders, politicians, educators and citizens can take to address the problem.  In this conversation with WLEI Host Tom Ehrenfeld, Roger explores lean-adjacent measures that complement his message.   What operational, approaches might lean leaders consider pursuing in concert with his policy-based and systematic suggestions?  Download a transcript of this talk here.     More »
Exploring When More is Not Better with Roger Martin
By: Lean Leaper | May 24, 2021
How lean thinking could help address America's wealth and power gap. More »
Videos from WLEI: Deep Dives on the Factory Floor with Cliff Ransom
By: Lean Leaper and Cliff Ransom | May 21, 2021
Cliff Ransom walks through a factory with us, emphasizing how lean thinking improves the quality and efficiency of the work at hand. More »
Embracing Standard Work in Lean Accounting: An Interview with Mark DeLuzio
By: Mike De Luca | May 20, 2021
How standard work catalyzes continuous improvement in lean accounting and finance -- and any other work area. More »
Ask Art: Why Switch from Batch to Lean?
By: Art Byrne | May 19, 2021
Switching from batch production to a complete lean enterprise produces benefits far beyond immediate financial results, argues Art Byrne. Read this for details on your potential gains. More »
LEI In the News: Leading Trade Journal Asks How Lean Principles Performed During the Pandemic
By: Mark Reich | May 18, 2021
Lean management principles didn’t fail during the pandemic; some companies failed to execute them correctly, especially the practice of just-in-time production, as LEI Senior Coach Mark Reich recently explained to a leading trade journal. More »
Lean Roundup: Hoshin Kanri As a Strategic Force
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | May 17, 2021
Hoshin kanri can support and vitalize your strategic vision as well as bolster your ongoing work, writes Tom Ehrenfeld in this Lean Roundup. More »
Art of Lean on Problem-Solving, Part 4: Military Science and Leadership
By: Art Smalley | May 14, 2021
Art takes a look at the military and their methods of teaching to see what lean can borrow, giving the coaching side of lean even more outward inspiration. More »
Once Again, Here's Why JIT Matters
By: Jeffrey Liker | May 13, 2021
Jeffrey Liker argues that recent media snipes fail to understand the crucial role JIT plays in a complete #lean system in surfacing problems & pressuring companies to fix them immediately More »
Coach's Corner: Understanding the Value of a Concept Paper
By: John Drogosz | May 12, 2021
The Concept Paper's integral role at Toyota hones in on the process, encouraging questions and deeper understandings along the way. More »
Multiply the Improvers in Your Organization Every Day
By: Andrew Quibell | May 11, 2021
Be prepared to commit the time, patience and tenacity to unleash the power of improvement your organization, says Andrew Quibell. He illustrates how to actively engage all your people. More »
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