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Art of Lean on Problem-Solving, Part 3: Lessons From Martial Arts
By: Lean Leaper and Art Smalley | April 16, 2021
In part three of his problem-solving series, Art takes on the techniques (kata) and ways (waza) behind martial arts, revealing necessary coaching practices in the process. More »
How the Study Phase Helps You Create More Value for Your Customers and Less Drama for Your Development Teams
By: John Drogosz | April 15, 2021
A product development team volunteered to pilot applying lean product and process development principles -- and discovered how critical "understanding before you execute" is to a project's success. More »
Meeting the 19-Billion-Dose Challenge
By: Matt Zayko | April 14, 2021
What does it take to meet the historic challenge of rapidly increasing the annual global vaccine capacity from 5 billion to 19 billion doses? And how could lean thinking help? More »
Ask Art: How Can I Ensure the Participation of Top Management?
By: Art Byrne | April 13, 2021
Always keep in mind that to be successful with lean, senior management must drive the change, says lean veteran Art Byrne. He shares evidence of how this evidence has helped him lead numerous lean turnarounds. More »
Create Constancy of Purpose
By: James P. Womack | April 12, 2021
Looking back on the admirable work of two lean leaders who established constancy of purpose, Jim Womack asks: what would have happened to the world economy if every plant manager and controller had had their constancy of purpose to completely transform an entire management and business system? More »
Learning By Doing with Art Byrne
By: Lean Leaper | April 9, 2021
Art Byrne has the expertise of a lean executive and he's sharing more knowledge than ever in this clip from his most recent webinar. More »
It's Time to See JIT as A Hero Rather than A Villain
By: Ken Eakin | April 8, 2021
Lean and JIT production have never been the primary causes of materials in the world's supply chains reported over the past year, says Ken Eakin. He explains the true nature of JIT and suggests that it can in fact support powerful solutions that are far more resilient and efficient than we have today. More »
Coach's Corner: The Four Critical Elements of Collaboration
By: Eric Ethington | April 7, 2021
The building blocks of purpose, process, and more lead to effective collaboration, as Eric Ethington highlights these fundamental elements and the benefits of their implementation. More »
10 Principles for Lean Leadership
By: Isao Yoshino | April 6, 2021
These ten simple yet powerful leadership principles developed by Isao Yoshino provide wise guidance for any lean practitioner seeking a path of learning and improvement. More »
Form A Bold Strategy For Uncertain Times
By: Jeffrey Liker | April 5, 2021
Jeff Liker shares a competing values model to help you assess your strategy and focus your operational practices on flawless execution of this path. More »
Art of Lean on Problem-Solving, Part 2: Lessons From NBA Coaches
By: Lean Leaper and Art Smalley | April 2, 2021
In the second part of his series on problem-solving, Art Smalley gets a clean steal from the world of coaching in NBA basketball, examining how proper planning, execution, and analysis of the sport lends well to lean thinking. More »
Coaches’ Corner: Understanding the Value of a Concept Paper
By: Eric Ethington | April 1, 2021
Check out this Coach's Corner which looks at the value-adding propositions that arise when using utilizing the Concept Paper, a Toyota innovation that hones in on a company's process and goals. More »
Front-Load Your Design Process by Using Set-Based Design
By: Jeffrey Liker | April 1, 2021
Jeffrey Liker shares his experience with product development at Toyota, unveiling the importance behind a customer-driven concept, having one solidified leader, and more. More »
Transforming a Food Desert to Food Oasis—During a Pandemic
By: Lara Anderson and Jonathan Katz | April 1, 2021
How a group of volunteers used lean thinking and practices to make things better in their community -- and overcome the obstacles thrown in their way by the pandemic. More »
Understand Before You Execute
By: Jim Morgan | April 1, 2021
Jim Morgan and leading practitioners explain their praise for lean product and process development in the second video of a six-part series. More »
A Variety of Perspectives is Good For Your Products
By: Kevin Nolan | March 31, 2021
The best product development teams attract, promote, and celebrate diversity of thought, asserts Kevin Nolan, president & CEO of GE Appliances, A Haier Company. More »
How Stalwart Lean Leadership and Classic Lean Practices Yield Operational and Clinical Excellence
By: Alice Lee | March 30, 2021
Organizations can achieve the seemingly impossible when they have steadfast lean leadership, a sharp focus on purpose, and experience applying "classic" lean thinking and practice. Here's an example. More »
Fight for Your Lean Team
By: Dan Prock | March 29, 2021
Managers, supervisors and coaches should mindfully support the storming and norming that teams require in order to grow an existing work team into a high performing lean community, says Dan Prock. More »
Development is a Team Sport
By: Jim Morgan | March 26, 2021
Experts and executives join Jim Morgan in explaining how collaboration is vital to new product, process, and services development. Plus, they offer specific ways you can enable and strengthen cooperation between your work teams. More »
Why Hoshin Kanri is a Better Approach to Planning and Execution
By: Pascal Dennis | March 25, 2021
Effective hoshin kanri builds on traditional strategy deployment by including key questions that conventional models fail to include, argues Pascal Dennis in a second article based on his key book Getting the Right Things Done. More »
Once More: What is Strategy Deployment, and Why Should You Care?
By: Pascal Dennis | March 24, 2021
Strategy deployment helps keep lean practitioners focused on the prize—creating value for the customer, says Pascal Dennis in the foreword to his Getting the Right Things Done book. Strategy deployment, also known as hoshin kanri, aligns, focuses, and engages our team members. More »
3 Lessons Maersk Learned from Adopting Hoshin Kanri
By: Agne Nainyte | March 23, 2021
Deploying hoshin kanri at Maersk was challenging, recounts Agne Nainyte, who shares the details of this work that helped the organization shift from firefighting to preventative strategic planning. More »
Seeking the Right Problems to Solve: Catch the WLEI Podcast with Author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
By: Lean Leaper | March 22, 2021
Learning how to frame your problem will help you solve it, suggests author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg. He describes how in this episode of the WLEI podcast. More »
WLEI: What's Your Problem? Framing for Success with Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg on the WLEI Podcast
By: Lean Enterprise Institute | March 22, 2021
Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg makes a bold promise in his new book, What’s Your Problem? (Harvard Business Review Press, 2020.  ) He seeks to upgrade people’s ability to solve problems by understanding how to solve the right problems. Learning to reframe problems can help people to stop chasing the wrong solutions, better understand what they are grappling with, and, in some cases find radically better solutions. Join us in listening to his insights on ways that everyone can boost their ability to solve the right problems.  Click here to download a full transcript of the conversation. More »
Art of Lean on Problem-Solving, Part 1: Coaching Problem-Solving
By: Lean Leaper | March 19, 2021
Art Smalley is back and ready to teach all about problem-solving, this time with an emphasis on coaching. He starts broad and goes deep in the first-part of this brand new series. More »
Modeling ‘Respect for People’ in Accounting and Finance
By: Mike De Luca | March 18, 2021
How can Finance and Accounting professionals show respect to their coworkers and clients? In this Post, Lean Accounting Coach Mike De Luca compiles some insightful advice from lean thought leaders. More »
How Wiremold Reinvented Itself Through Kaizen
By: Art Byrne | March 17, 2021
Art Byrne shares a seminal 25-year-old article recounting how Wiremold tapped Kaizen to support a complete lean turnaround that continues to inspire and instruct people on their own journey today. More »
Reach for Your Mind Before Your Wallet
By: Josh Howell | March 16, 2021
Josh Howell shares how the lean principle of reaching for your mind before your wallet can mitigate risk through careful planning and a willingness to conduct experiments, noting that this kaizen mindset is particularly relevant when tackling today's most pressing challenges. More »
Real Respect Feels Like Knowing You've Been Heard
By: David Verble | March 15, 2021
Showing respect by actively listening to others--being present in mind and body, consciously attending to what is said, connecting with the person not just the words--are all deeply anchored in core lean values, says David Verble. More »
Lean 'n Food: Rethinking the Retail Food Industry
By: Lean Leaper | March 12, 2021
In this clip from a recent LEI Webinar, Haven Hot Chicken co-founder Etkin Tekin explains the process of working through the guest experience and how the company’s values and practices reflect upon it. More »
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