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A3 Status Review Form (from Getting the Right Things Done)


A current-status or yearend review A3 is a one-page storyboard on 11-inch by 17-inch paper that summarizes the status of an important strategic planning initiative, such as our Customer Satisfaction strategy. Normally, we use them at our midyear and yearend strategic planning reviews.

The yearend review A3 comprises two main boxes: the top box provides an overview of how we're doing with respect to our critical end-of-pipe metrics (e.g. revenue, profit, customer delivery, quality rates, lost time injury rate, etc.) including the target and actual measures, a rating, and a brief explanation. The second box provides an overview of our activities, and usually reflects what's been prescribed on the action plan of the right side of our strategy A3. Again, we provide activity targets and actual measures, ratings, explanations, and next steps.

A3 Strategy


GTRTDGetting the Right Things Done, from which this example is taken, Pascal Dennis outlines the nuts and bolts of strategy deployment, answering two tough questions that ultimately can make or break a company's lean transformation.


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